Friday, December 5, 2014

Spider-Verse - Son of Nine Spiders - Travis M. Holyfield

Panel 1: Exterior. A Celestial City in flames. Spider-Man leaps into the air, arms outstretched, legs tucked in below him. Facing him, flexed to destroy, is DAEMOS.
SPIDER-MAN (CAPTION): I have rained blows against this monster for hours, and still he does not slow. Still he does not waver.

Panel 2: Close-up of Daemos’ face being struck by multiple kicks. His head snaps from side to side, but his expression remains one of hunger and contempt.  
SPIDER-MAN (CAPTION): I am the last descendent of the nine Spider-Kings of Nepal. I cannot fail.

Panel 3: Spider-Man crouches low to deliver a knife hand strike to Daemos’ solar plexus.
SPIDER-MAN (Caption): I am an Immortal Weapon of the Nine Celestial Cities. I cannot fail.


Panel 4: Spider-Man opens his mouth, vomiting a cloud of tiny spiders to envelope Daemos.
SPIDER-MAN: I am the Son of Nine Spiders. I cannot fail.

Panel 5: Daemos strides through the wall if spiders untouched. His hands find Spider-Man’s neck.  
SPIDER-MAN: And yet I fail.

Panel 6: Close-up as Daemos’ hands snap Spider-Man’s neck.
SPIDER-MAN: I was Danny Rand

SPIDER-MAN: The Immortal Spider-Man.


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  1. Oh sweet mother of mothers. Brubaker, Fraction, and Aja's Immortal Iron Fist is one of my desert island faves, and the fact that you mix it with this week's pick is just...just...*snff*...thank you, man...


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