Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Darkwing Duck – Darkwing, INC. – MK Stangeland Jr.

(St. Canard Billionaire ROBERT OILER – new character, done in the Disney style as a reptile-type character, possibly a limbed snake if it can be pulled off – is announcing the ‘Darkwing Initiative’, a project not unlike BATMAN, INC. Problem is, DARKWING DUCK was not actually consulted on the matter.)

(6 Panels)

Panel 1: DARKWING DUCK stands on top of the giant sign that ROBERT OILER was using to display the announcement logo for the DARKWING INITIATIVE.

DARKWING (1): I am the terror that flaps in the night!

DARKWING (2): I am the legal minefield that gives copyright a bad name!



Panel 2: An alternate version of DARKWING DUCK (DARKWING II) stands on the stage in front of the real DARKWING DUCK. He wears a more heroic, professional looking version of DARKWING’s normal costume, but he looks as if he could easily pass for the real DARKWING if he wore the ‘correct’ costume. Next to him is an alternate version of LAUNCHPAD MCQUACK (LAUNCHPAD II) that similarly looks far more heroic than the real launchpad, complete with a pair of goggles that he’s actually wearing as if to actually protect his real identity. He, too, looks like he could probably pass for the real LAUNCHPAD if he wore LAUNCHPAD’s normal clothing.

DARKWING (1): IMPOSTER! How dare you!

DARKWING (2): And right in the middle of my big entrance!

DARKWING (3): Just who the quack do you think you’re fooling?!

Panel 3: DARKWING DUCK is now on the stage as DARKWING II is about to launch into his own version of DARKWING’s entrance routieen.

DARKWING II (1): Fool? The only fool here is you!

DARKWING II (2): For I am the terror that flaps…

Panel 4: DARKWING pulls out his gas gun and aims it at DARKWING II.


Panel 5: DARKWING fires at DARKWING II, filling the stage with smoke. DARKWING II raises his cap as a shield against the attack. OILER is in the process of retreat at this point.

DARKWING: Nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope!

Panel 6: DARKWING leaps into the air as he’s about to attack DARKWING II, his cap flowing outwards dramatically.

DARKWING: St. Canard isn’t even big enough for one Darkwing Duck!


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  1. I like the set up and the final panel, but something about the multiple "nopes" of 4 and 5 don't quite fit. Replacing those with something simpler would be more in line with the rest of the script and Darkwing style in my view.


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