Monday, January 19, 2015

Darkwing Duck - The Imitation Game - Grant McLaughlin

1 - Quackerjack, Dr. Reginald Bushroot, the Liquidator, and Megavolt are in a secret hideout, making fun of Darkwing Duck.  Quackerjack is sticking out his tongue, crossing his eyes, and generally making a silly face, as he walks around with his hands above and around his head in a classic "moose antlers" pose (like, making antlers with his hands).  The other villains are laughing - tears in their eyes, slapping their knees, etc.

QUACKERJACK (1): ...I am the goof who is awful at improvising clever secondary lines.

QUACKERJACK (2): I am Dorkwing Duck!

OTHERS: hahaha!

2 - Liquidator goes to the nearby lightswitch, an excited look on his face.  The others are still recovering from their laughing fit.

LIQUIDATOR: Okay, I've got one!

SFX: flik!

3 - The panel is all black, with only the eyes of the four villains visible (Quackerjack's regular large ones, Bushroot's green corneas, Megavolt's beady little ones, and Liquidator's empty blue ones).  Liquidator's are squinted, as if he's concentrating, the other three are done up to show that their mirth / laughter continues.  All balloons are tailless.

VOICE: Ooo, nice atmosphere.

VOICE 2: I am the terrible sap who is never right!

4 - Still all black, but for the eyes.  A fifth pair of eyes appears next to Liquidator.  Liquidator's eyes are now wide in surprise.  The remaining three haven't caught on that something is amiss.

VOICE: I am the unseen interlocutor who is actually quite skilled at coming up with clever witticisms on the fly, thank you very much.

VOICE 2: Uh...

VOICE 3: Guys, that's not me.

5 - One more all black (save for eyes) panel.  The other three eyes have caught on that all is not right.  They look as worried as Liquidator's eyes (perhaps have a two or three pairs right up close to each other, to show that the villains are huddling close out of fear).  That fifth pair of eyes grows large (as do the letters for the first voice, to emphasize the passion behind the words).

VOICE: I am...

VOICE 2: You mean --

VOICE 3: Yeah...

SFX: flik!

6 - The lights are back on.  Let's say Quackerjack, Bushroot, and Liquidator are all huddled together in fear, while Megavolt is trying to beat a hasty retreat.  Darkwing Duck stands revealed, striking a sufficiently impressive and intimidating pose.

THE VILLAINS (all together in fright): DARKWING DUCK!

DARKWING DUCK: Let's get dangerous.

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  1. "I am the unseen interlocutor who is actually quite skilled at coming up with clever witticisms on the fly, thank you very much."

    Brilliant - I love it. X^D


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