Saturday, January 24, 2015

Darkwing Duck - The Madding Crowd, Epilogue - Ray Wonsowski

Set-Up: Our heroes have finally defeated ECLIPSO, trapping his aetherial form in the Area of Madness, and scattering his Black Diamonds across infinite dimensions...


Panel 1- Night. The skyline of St. Canard, seen through the windshield of Launchpad McQuack's chopper. LAUNCHPAD, foreground left, looks out the windscreen, cupping his billed chin in his wing/hand.

CAPTION: Ever since the TaleSpin case, that treasure hunt out of Cape Suzette, DW's been acting...

Panel 2- Interior, bank vault. Moneybags with dollar signs are piled up by a hole in the vault floor, leading to an escape tunnel. Three of the BEAGLE BOYS (BURGER, BANKJOB, and BOUNCER) are throwing more cash into the last of their sacks.

CAPTION: ...weird.
BANKJOB:  Let's go! Ma sez we're on a tight schedule!
BOUNCER:  Keep yer shirt on! I'm hurryin'!
(OFF-PANEL): Yes, to your DOOM!

Panel 3- The BEAGLE BOYS point, looking toward us in palpable fear, dropping their money sacks.

(OFF-PANEL): I am the terror that flaps in the night!

Panels 4, 5, and 6 are linked by a tailless speech balloon, spoken off-panel, and another that looks electric, like signal coming over an earpiece.

Panel 4- BURGER gets a purple fist landed square in the eye, but there are brass knuckles on the fist, and blood flies.

Panel 5- BANKJOB's head is twisted around by a blur of purple crossing his jaw, teeth flying from his mouth.

Panel 6- BOUNCER loses consciousness as a purple-gloved hand tightly grasps his throat.

(OFF-PANEL): I am the seagull that bullseye's your beachside pink drink!
(OFF-PANEL, signal): Big D! Everything OK down there?

Panel 7- Close-up on DARKWING DUCK's mask. The right one-third is purple silk, but the left two-thirds are black, revealing a red eye. Purple-gloved fingers hold up a sliver of Black Diamond up to the "Eclipsed" eye.

DARKWING: Oh, yes...
DARKWING: Let's...get...dangerous....


Big thanks to all of you, dear readers, and all my friends at ThoughtBalloons, for humouring me the last 5 (!) months, to tell this meandering story. It taught me a lot about plotting ahead, getting to the gist in a one page framework, exposition, dialogue, research, and adaptability. I hope everyone enjoyed it.  I'll be back to done-in-one's next week. See you then.  CHEERS, everybody!

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  1. While I was all over your Doop piece last week, you may have outdone yourself with this finale. A lovely little done in one that manages to tie into your larger storyline in a final manner that also shows that "it's never the end". Nice work.


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