Saturday, January 24, 2015

Darkwing Duck - Mistaken Identity - Travis M. Holyfield

Panel 1: Full-body focus on an extremely put-out DARKWING DUCK pulls his way free of the coils of rope that encircle his body. He doesn't seem to be in any danger. He just seems aggravated.

VOICE (OFF-PANEL): But, seriously, I’m really very terribly sorry about all this confusion.

VOICE (OFF-PANEL): Although if you think about it – I mean – It’s sort of funny, right?

Panel 2: Pull back further to show the coils of rope now in a loose pool. Darkwing Duck is now squeezing through the bars of a cage that had been placed around his roped body.

VOICE (OFF-PANEL): You have a hat, he has a hat.

VOICE (OFF-PANEL): It’s not like there’s NO resemblance.

Panel 3: Pulling back even further we can see Darkwing now fully free of the trap, and standing, hands on his hips, glaring accusingly at DOCTOR DOOFENSHMIRTZ. Doof is sitting on the ground, being tied up by PERRY THE PLATYPUS / AGENT P.

DOOFENSHMIRTZ: Who would have thought that a Duck-Billed-En-Trap-Inator would trap an actual DUCK, right?

DOOFENSHMIRTZ: Who would have thought it?



  1. I know I certainly wouldn't have thought it.

  2. Haha. Adorable. I love how tenuous the connection is and how Doofenshmirtz embarrassingly admits as much in that second panel.

    Also: bonus points for working in Phineas and Ferb into this week's pick.

  3. Well done sir. Doofenschmirtz's voice is well and truly nailed. Disney-riffic.


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