Saturday, January 17, 2015

Doop - The Madding Crowd, Part 18 - Ray Wonsowski

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Panel 1- The dark side of the moon, the crater where Eclipso's castle has crumbled to rubble. ECLIPSO towers over the debris, a hundred feet tall, struggling and swatting wildly as he is losing his fight.  In the lower corners of the panel, HARRY DRESDEN and WILLIAM GRAVEL gesture magic with their left hands, firing large automatic pistols with their rights; the bullets curve and twist on arcs of magic.  The DARKNESS lets loose a wave of knife-like tendrils through a swarm of Darklings, both of which tear at Eclipso's legs.  ANDREW BENNETT has transformed into a were-bat, teeth bared at an exposed part of Eclipso's flesh.  HAWK lands a haymaker as DOVE shoves the CREEPER out of the way of one of Eclipso's swinging arms. SHADE unleashes a torrent of Madness from behind ECLIPSO, taking him by surprise, the tide finally turning in our heroes' favor...

CAPTION: (doopspeak, ellipsis at the end)

CAPTION: Waitaminnit...

Panel 2- Schoolroom at the Jean Grey School. Should be elementary school style chipper, you know, kids' art on the walls, alphabet cards that read "A is for ATOM" and "B is for BEAST", colorful carpet.  Panel left are a bunch of grade school mutant kids aged 7 to 10, one has antennae, another with scales, another with blue skin, etc, all sitting cross-legged on the floor, about half waving their hands in the air.  Panel right is DOOP, breaking the 4th wall by looking at us exasperatedly, steamlines from the top of his head.  He is wearing a mortarboard and tassel, and holding a storybook open to the page showing the above panel.

MUTANT KID 1: How're they able to breathe on the moon?

MUTANT KID 2: (to Mutant Kid 1) Mebbe its the Blue Area, yo...

MUTANT KID 3: How come there isn't any girls in the story?

MUTANT KID 4: Whatabout the Dark Ryu part, where he mentioned Dr. Wizor? Whatabout...

MUTANT KID 5: Why can't we read anything by Mark Waid?

DOOP: (grumbly doopspeak)

Next episode: ?!?

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  1. Ray, you lovable scamp. You would pull the carpet out from the reader after such a long build-up. And what a way to do it. The idea that Doop has been reading this to young children the whole time is almost as wonderful as their criticisms of the choice of reading material. Slow clap, my friend. Slow clap.


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