Monday, January 5, 2015

Eclipso - Cry Before Night - Grant McLaughlin

1 - Bruce Gordon lies in a dark room, rather worse for wear.  It looks like he's been put through the ringer - he's bloodied, his clothes are torn, he looks to have at least one broken limb.  A single lightbulb hangs above him, lighting his prone form and the pool of (presumably) blood beneath him, but little else.  Eclipso stands behind his prone form, looking away from the reader.

BRUCE (weakly): You won't win.  They'll come for me.

ECLIPSO: Will they?

2 - Eclipso walks away, towards a doorway in the background.  Bruce continues to lie in his own viscera.

ECLIPSO: What if this is the time they don't make it?

3 - Eclipso stands at the doorway, his hand at the lightswitch, still looking away from Bruce.  Bruce lies feebly on the ground, worrying about what comes next.

ECLIPSO: What if you succumb to your wounds before they arrive?

SFX: click

4 - Darkness.  Bruce's prone form is barely visible in the darkness.  Eclipso is completely unseen.

ECLIPSO (tailless balloon): Worse, what if the creature that you've dedicated your life to hunting, the ageless monstrosity that feeds on revenge...

5 - Bruce's form continues to lie in the centre of the panel.  But now, hovering right above it is Eclipso's rictus grin and devilish gaze, floating and glowing above Bruce in the dark like a perverted Cheshire Cat.

ECLIPSO (tailless balloon): ...also feeds on fear.

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  1. What I love about your choices this week, is that there is this steady building sense of dread. It's well crafted, only accented by the fact that you choose to not fully reveal Eclipso, that he may be hiding something even more horrible from us. Absolutely solid page, Grant...


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