Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Eclipso – E-CLIP-SO! – MK Stangeland Jr.

(7 Panels)

Panel 1: ECLIPSO, surrounded by a storm of dark diamond fragments that swirl around him. Musical notes accompany the words.

TEXT (1): E-clip-so!

TEXT (2): A terrifying beast of diamonds!

Panel 2: ECLIPSO holds the HEART OF DARKNESS out above and in front of him - with the HEART OF DARKNESS in the foreground – in a way that’s overly dramatic in some manner that’s some mix of triumphant and longing. Musical notes accompany the words.

TEXT (1): E-clip-so!

TEXT (2):The Heart of Darkness is what binds him!

Panel 3: ECLIPSO, in his original form, as his powers are ripped out of him and begin to form into the HEART OF DARKNESS. Musical notes accompany the words.

TEXT (1): e-CLIP-so!

TEXT (2): A fallen angel who was wronged once!

Panel 4: ECLIPSO put in a pathetic looking light, looking far more a victim than a villain. Musical notes accompany the words.

TEXT (1): E-clip-so!

TEXT (2): No one really understands him!

Panel 5: ECLIPSO, as through he’s singing the finale to some big musical number, surrounded by some kind of chorus backing him up.

TEXT (1): E-clip-so!

TEXT (2): e-CLIP-so! E-clip-so! E-CLIP-SO!

Panel 6: A Hollywood executive meeting room.

EXECUTIVE (1): So it’s a musical about Eclipso, but it’s his side of the story?

WRITER (1): It worked for Maleficent, and she’s super evil.

EXECUTIVE (2): That wasn’t a musical.

WRITER (2): It worked for Wicked. That was a musical! A wildly popular musical!

Panel 7: Close up on the EXECUTIVE.


EXECUTIVE (2): We’ll think about it.


(Oddly enough, I think this script owes itself more to Galavant happening this week more than anything.)

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  1. It couldn't be any worse than Spider-Man - Turn Off The Dark...Actually, this was a really fun page; panel 4 for some reason, just struck meas funny, found myself laughing quite a bit at the idea of a pouty , mopey Eclipso. The writer's room scene at the end was a great tie-together. Well done gag, sir...


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