Saturday, January 3, 2015

Parker - The Madding Crowd, Part 16 - Ray Wonsowski

Set-up: While HAWK and DOVE are battling ECLIPSO and pushing back his army of Hellspiders from another dimension, PARKER has taken advantage of the chaos to break into the labs of Meta-Pharma. With his take in hand, he stumbles past a surgical theater, and has a crisis of conscience...


Panel 1- PARKER, dressed in black turtleneck and pants, turns his face away as he fires a snub-nosed pistol into sparking computers and medical machinery.

PARKER: I don't know what's been playing at here...

Panel 2- PARKER walks toward us as he fishes a set of lockpicks out of his pocket, leaving the machinery behind him to catch fire.

PARKER: ...but if this is as monstrous as it looks...

Panel 3- PARKER unlocks the cuffs at a surgical gurney, freeing a patient's hands.

PARKER: ...I get the feeling someone has a bit of payback coming...

Panel 4- Foreground, PARKER helps a groggy ANDREW BENNETT to his feet. Mid-ground, (left) JACKIE ESTACADO massages his left wrist with his right hand, the look on his face is one of hell-to-pay, as (right) SHADE the Changing Man reunites JACK RYDER with the CREEPER (which looks as painful as their separation was). Background, a large video monitor shows a map of the dark side of the moon, a purple crosshairs ominously highlighting one large crater...

JACKIE:  Friend, you have no idea.

...the end is nigh, my friends. Stay tuned...

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