Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Gorilla Grodd – Baker & Grodd’s Psychotic Adventure! – MK Stangeland Jr.

(Admittedly, I was tempted not to do another edition of Baker & Grodd this week just to mess with you all. But these two are just too much fun to pull a stunt like that, honestly.)

(In this edition, ANIMAL MAN and GORILLA GRODD have found themselves on the wrong end of a PERSONALITY RAY built by the ULTRAHUMANITE, effectively reversing their normal personalities!)

(7 Panels)

Panel 1: ULTRAHUMANITE, in his lab, as he tries to hide. He remains relatively calm in spite of this, though with  the impression he realizes he’s bitten off more than he can chew.


Panel 2: ULTRAHUMANITE stops short as he just about runs into ANIMAL MAN. ANIMAL MAN looks particularly angry, verging on having a mild touch of evil to him. He also looks like he’s getting ready to strike. Surrounding him are the auras of a GORILLA and a HUMMINGBIRD.

ANIMAL MAN (1): There you are.

ANIMAL MAN (2): Revenge shall be mine!


Panel 3: GORILLA GRODD throws himself at ANIMAL MAN with a tackle move, but doesn’t directly hit ANIMAL MAN. Instead, ANIMAL MAN is being tossed aside by a ‘telekinetic tackle’.



Panel 4: GRODD grabs ANIMAL MAN. ANIMAL MAN is disheveled from GRODDs interference.

GRODD: This behavior is MOST unbecoming of you, Mr. Baker!

Panel 5: GRODD looks to ULTRAHUMANITE as he offhandedly tosses ANIMAL MAN across the room. ULTRAHUMANITE looks to be recomposing himself.

GRODD (1): Apologies for my friend here, Ultrahumanite.

GRODD (2): It appears as though he’s developed quite the anger issues!

ULTRAHUMANITE: No apologies needed.

Panel 6: GRODD leaps at ANIMAL MAN in an attempt to restrain him and get him under control.

GRODD (1): Oh irony of ironies!

GRODD (2): Long have I desired a moment such as this!

Panel 7: GRODD grabs ANIMAL MAN in a headlock.

GRODD (1): Yet now?

GRODD (2): I take no pleasure in it at all!



  1. I'm glad you decided against messing with us. I'll readily admit I was also waiting to see a return of one of my favourite duos.

    And what a return! A nice role reversal that you take good advantage of in this single page. I'm impressed that Baker and Grodd manage to sound both like themselves and each other - good balancing act.

    My only question would be why Grodd throws away Baker in panel 5 only to grab him again in panel 6. It feels like it would be more efficient / logical to just have Grodd keep ahold of him before delivering those last lines.

    1. In retrospect, yeah, that would have made more sense.


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