Friday, February 27, 2015

Gorilla Grodd - Gorilla My Dreams - R.A. Wonsowski


Panel 1- FLASH running toward us.

Panel 2- Same as above, except a small bloody hole opens in FLASH's forehead, his brains exploding out the back of his head. NO COPY.

Panel 3- Repeat Panel 1.

Panel 4- FLASH trips on a rock, stumbling. NO COPY.

Panel 5- FLASH impales himself on a spike that shoots up out of nowhere, sticking out his back. NO COPY.

Panel 6- Repeat Panel 1.

Panel 7- a drone flies left to right, pulling a filament wire behind, in front of FLASH, about neck high. NO COPY.

Panel 8- The filament, now pulled taut, lops FLASH's head clean off, bloodlessly, an almost cartoonish expression on his face, like an Oh No. NO COPY.

Panel 9- Panel center, in a futuristic lab below Gorilla City, FLASH hangs from the ceiling, suspended face down, unconscious, an overlarge sensory-deprivation helmet over most of his head, wires leading to a monitor on the wall showing Panel 1. On the left, in what looks like a giant fishbowl etched with circuitry and runes, DANIEL, the son of Morpheus, Dream of the Endless, pounds on the glass in desperation, silently screaming. Panel right, GORILLA GRODD, wearing the Helm of Morpheus, wrings his hands with sadistic glee, a leather pouch full of dust dangles from a sash about his waist.

GRODD: ...thus in dreams shall the world of humans end...
GRODD: ...but first...

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  1. Whoa. Nice example of throwing the reader into a strange situation and explaining it only with the final panel reveal. And what a reveal it is. Some darkness, to say the least.


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