Sunday, February 22, 2015

Gorilla Grodd - Missing Link - Travis M. Holyfield

Setup: THE FLASH has just destroyed one of GORILLA GRODD'S nefarious doomsday devices. In order to do so, The Scarlet Speedster has had to vibrate at a speed and frequency he has never achieved before. At the last moment, Grodd grabs hold of the Flash and they are both whisked away in a crash of lightning!

Panel One: Exterior. Daytime. A clearing in a junglescape. Foliage creeps up to nearly waist high. A hill in the background looms up over the tree line.

Panel Two: Continuation of previous, but now a flash of lightning fills the panel and the forms of The Flash and Grodd spill out into the clearing.


Panel Three: The Flash zooms towards Grodd, his fist cocked back to strike.

FLASH: You maniacal monkey! The device was a trap! This was your plan all along!

FLASH: Where have you taken us?

Panel Four: Grodd grins knowingly at the Flash. In the background, a group of humanoid figures crest the hill, their features shadowed.

GRODD: Not where, Flash! WHEN!

Panel Five: Grodd glances over his shoulder towards the hill with a devilish grin. The Flash stares past him at the figures on the hill, his face a mask of grim determination.

FLASH: It doesn't matter where or when, Grodd! You're insane if you think I'll let you harm any innocent bystanders!

GRODD: Bystanders, Flash? I don't see bystanders...

Panel Six:  Closeup of the figures on the hill. It is DOCTOR ZAIUS and a squad of Gorilla soldiers! We are on the PLANET OF THE APES!

GRODD (CAPTION): "... I see reinforcements."

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  1. A) I'm almost always thrilled when people bust out the "Not where, when" line. It feels like it should get old, but I haven't gotten tired of it.
    B) Amazing tie in. And nice swerve - from your set up, I thought you were going backwards in time, not forwards. Well done.


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