Monday, February 23, 2015

Gorilla Grodd - Monkey See - Grant McLaughlin

Apologies for the tardiness.

1 - Gorilla Grodd sits at a desk covered in books, papers, writings, and all manner of literary / academic signifiers.  He wears a smug look on his face, triumphantly closing the book he holds in one hand with a snap.

GRODD (1): At last!

GRODD (2): With our combined efforts, I will finally get my revenge on that despicable Flash!

VOICE (off-panel): Actually...

2 - Pull back to reveal that Deadshot stands on the other side of the desk.  We can perhaps focus on solely him this panel.  He can be cleaning his guns or whatever, only kind of paying attention.  (This is pre-New 52 Deadshot, natch.)

DEADSHOT (1): I've been meaning to ask you about that.

DEADSHOT (2): Why do you have such a hate-on for ol' Flashy?

3 - Now have both in the panel.  Grodd could perhaps have stood up from his chair, showing some annoyance at Deadshot's candour.  Deadshot maintains the same cocky, detached attitude he always has.

GRODD: What do you mean?  He's my nemesis.

DEADSHOT (1): And I get that, but what did he do to earn your bad blood?

DEADSHOT (2): Kill your best friend?

DEADSHOT (3): Steal your girl?

DEADSHOT (4): Or is moving really fast just the natural predator of super-intelligent, talking gorillas?

4 - Focus again on Grodd.  He beings to answer, but looks slightly hesitant.

GRODD: Well, you see...

5 - Same panel.  Grodd has stopped talking, wracking his brain for an answer.


6 - Grodd is back at the desk (reflecting panel 1), looking at his papers and books.  The light in the room is darker, as if the sun has set and Grodd has been sitting there a while.  A sheet of paper titled "Why I Hate the Flash" sits prominently in the middle of the desk (the reader doesn't need to see the whole title, but enough letters to be able to piece it together).  The important thing is that the paper is blank.  Grodd is perhaps chewing on his pencil or tapping his head in concentration.  He looks kind of worried.


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