Monday, February 9, 2015

Hawkworld - Uprising - Grant McLaughlin

Tovar, a Hawkperson in his prime, is delivering a rallying speech against the Optimacy (the upperclass of Thanagar) to the world's poor and downtrodden.

Three rows.  Row one is a single panel.  Row two is made up of panels 2 through 4.  Row three has the final two panels.

1 - Tovar stands at a podium atop a platform.  A large crowd stands before him, listening intently.  Let's go with a 3/4 angle to establish the scene.  The only important thing is that we should only see Tovar's front.  Note on word balloons: the first three can be close together, but the fourth should be slightly separated.

TOVAR (1): The Optimacy claims that they only want to help.

TOVAR (2): That they are protecting us.

TOVAR (3): That they know what's best.

TOVAR (4): In their arrogance, they believe that we will not see their actions for what they are.

2 - Close up shot of Tovar, with the panel framing him and his podium.  Shot from the front.  Tovar slams his fist on the podium to emphasize his words.

TOVAR: An attack.

3 - Same angle.  Tovar speaks with his hands, having one out pointing towards the crowd as if to punctuate every sentence.

TOVAR (1): An attack on every single Thanagarian who thinks differently than they do.

4 - Same angle.  Tovar spreads his arms wide to include the entire assembled group.

TOVAR (1): We - all of us - under threat.

TOVAR (2): And when threatened, it is only right for our fight or flight instinct to kick in.

5 - Shot from behind Tovar, looking out to the crowd.  Many look on, determination on their faces.  However, the focus here is Tovar's back.  His wings have been ripped out at the root.  While the wound has begun to heal, the stumps remain scabbed and scarry.  The whole thing is pretty hideous.  Tovar raises a hand, one finger up to show the number 1.

TOVAR: They would deny us one.

6 - Reverse angle, pulled back a bit for a shot from behind the crowd.  Tovar has his arm raised high, making a fist.  Many in the crowd raise their arms to imitate him.

TOVAR: So let us show them the other!

So I might be way off base in my assumption that Hawkpeople have their wings attached to their back in at least some continuities.  If that's the case, this is a reboot where that is the status quo.

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  1. Wow, what a great speech, natural to the ear, and all the better from the imagery of panels 5&6. I have always admired your knack for tying things together, your endings are always solid, and this is no different.

    And yes, in the 80's, before Crisis, there was a colony of Thanagarian bird-people on an island called Feithera, which featured heavily in the pages of Infinity, Inc.

    Well crafted page, Grant.


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