Sunday, February 8, 2015

Hawkworld - Wonder Twins, Prog 2 - Ray Wonsowski

Welcome back, my friends, to the show that never ends...

Coming back to the prog-fueled adventures of Zan and Jayna, still taking inspiration from Emerson Lake and Palmer's "KarnEvil9", this time from the 3rd Impression. By the way, if you're looking for some trippy prog rock goodness, ELP is a great place to start; the whole of KarnEvil9 can be found on their masterpiece album Brain Salad it today!


Panel 1- in orbit above the planet Thanagar, the warship " Death in the Wind" shines, reflecting the light of its sun, the star Polaris. The ship looks like one of those winged scarabs found in the tombs of ancient Egypt:
CAPTION: ...the Fifth Order of All Wingmen?

Panel 2- walking to the bridge, Commander PRANA STEL, a tall Hawkwoman with Hindi-like features, carries her winged helmet in one hand, her other rests on the shoulder of her adjutant. This would be a young KATAR HOL, probably just fresh out of the Academy and on his first posting, no older than 15 or 16. He carries his helmet as well, but it has no wings.

KATAR: No man yields who flies in my ship!
PRANA: A fine officer someday...

Panel 3- close up on the faces of PRANA and KATAR, looks of unexpected surprise, bathed in red warning lights.

OFF-PANEL (from loudspeaker): DANGER!!
PRANA: Stations! Know your places!

Panel 4- PRANA, putting on her helmet, takes the conn of the bridge; it should vaguely resemble a pharaoh's throne. Various WINGMEN take their stations at their consoles.

PRANA: Let the bridge computer speak!
OFF-PANEL (from loudspeaker): STRANGER!

Panel 5- a gloved hand points at an alien version of a radar screen. The electronic markings should have a hieroglyphic look to them. One glyph is tailed by an erratic vector line.

OFF-PANEL (from loudspeaker): Load your program...
PRANA (off-panel, small lettering): By all seven hells, that best not be Rann...
PRANA (off-panel): Who dares cross our path?!?

Panel 6- screeching past the nose of the Thanagarian warship is a small, beaten spacecraft that looks like a forklift with blunt wings and a jet turbine bolted on top. In the windscreen, we can see JAYNA in the pilot's seat angrily struggling with the stick controls, ZAN standing behind white-knuckling the chair with a look of fear on his face. Lasers from the belly of the warship rain down around the Twins' escape craft

ZAN: I thought you said you could fly this thing?!?
JAYNA: Jam it, Zan!! be continued...

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  1. Haha. Wonderful, just wonderful. Even though I kind of suspected where this page might go, it oozes personality from start to finish and the payoff is well worth it.


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