Monday, February 16, 2015

Mole Man - No Man is an Island - Grant McLaughlin

1 - Johnny Storm, Ben Grimm, and the Fantastic Four are fighting some Moloids and various other Subterranea monsters.  The Subterranea forces are emerging from a large hole in the ground, while the FF are fighting them back.

JOHNNY: I still don't get it.

2 - Johnny has some monsters on the back foot, pushing them back with his flames.  Ben is punching a big monster in the noggin.

JOHNNY (1): Why would you bother, considering everything he's done?

JOHNNY (2): Considering what his minions are doing right now?

3 - Ben has picked up the big monster and is throwing it to push back the remaining monsters coming out of the hole.

BEN: I know it's hard for you to imagine, Johnny, but how would you feel if it was your special day...

4 - Switch scenes.  Mole Man sits in a dining room-esque space in his Subterranea castle / headquarters.  A "Happy Birthday" sign hangs on the wall behind him.  The sign looks dingy and old, as if this isn't the first year it's been used (and perhaps as if it's remained there since the first time it was put up).  Harvey sits at the head of a round table.  The rest of the seats are empty.  Harvey holds a card in his hand, although its details are obscured.  His expression is hard to read.

CAPTION (BEN GRIMM): ...and no one came?

MOLE MAN: Benjamin Grimm...

5 - Close-up of the card Harvey is holding.  It's a little smiley caveman standing on a boulder doing a happy dance (or whatever).  Along the top, the card reads "Hope Your Birthday Rocks!".

MOLE MAN (off-panel, tail coming from the top of the panel): Thank you.

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