Friday, February 6, 2015

Ninjas - by Nikolas and Victor Wonsowski

OK, this week, writer's block struck again. So I asked my boys, and they were all, "Papa, it's ninjas. Ninjas are awesome." All right, I want to see what they can do. Here's their script:

Panel 1. EVIL NINJA CLAN, bullying, the LEADER pointing.

EVIL NINJA CLAN LEADER: So, tiny blue one! Do you have the skills to take on my ninja clan?!

Panel 2. SONIC the Hedgehog accepts the challenge!

SONIC: Do I? Did your mommies make you wear those jammies?

Then, ZOOM!

Panel 3. Fight cloud! NINJAS getting clobbered saying things like "Owwie! Oof! My elbow!"

Panel 4. SONIC is the winner. He's standing on the head of the LEADER. Another NINJA  falls from the sky on his head. TAILS is cheering in the air with his tail twirling.

SONIC: So, NOW who's got the best kung fu, boys?
TAILS: You do, Sonic!!

Panel 5. NARUTO is so surprised at Sonic's victory. KAKASHI hangs upside down very impressed.

KAKASHI: ¡Heh! Yeah, we need him on our team.

The End.

And if that wasn't enough, they drew the thing:

Pencils by Nikolas Wonsowski (age 10)
Colors by Victor Wonsowski (age 7)
...thanks for helping out this week, boys.


  1. Brilliant! So much fun that I could picture it animated in my head as I read. My favorite aspect is the humor. Sonic moves so fast it is fun to use your imagination how he defeats them. Amazing job Nikolas and Victor - the artwork is amazing!!! You two are an unbeatable team!!!

  2. Great work guys! I look forward to seeing more work from the three of you!

  3. I think we can pretty much shut down Thought Balloons. Nothing's going to be more awesome than this.

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  5. I'm tardy to the party, but this is absolutely amazing! Nikolas and Victor, you are welcome to help out Papa Wonsowski anytime!


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