Sunday, February 1, 2015

Ninjas – Robot Viking Ninja Pirates: Check Out Our Moves – MK Stangeland Jr.

(I ultimately decided this week to pull directly from a script I wrote years ago but has done little except collect e-dust on my hard drive since then. It’s more of the ROBOT VIKING NINJA PIRATES that I wrote about way back during the ‘Our Own Creations’ week, though this time I’m using previously written material.

The important relevant information is that CAPTAIN ODIN and members of his crew are attempting to steal from a library in TOKOTO, NIPPON. On the previous page, ODIN was attacked by OTAKA HAKA XAN, the head librarian, who used a ‘CHI-FU’ technique (basically martial arts with glowy energy-infused attacks).

Page 10 (6 Panels)

Panel 1: ODIN, having fallen to the floor, begins to pick himself up.

ODIN: (Quietly, to himself.) Unholy :-O :-O :-O :-O!

Panel 2: ODIN, still with swords in hand, cups his hands around his mouth in a contradictory attempt to both whisper and shout at XAN.

ODIN: (Loud whispering.) < That was amazing! You have got to tell me how you do that! >

Panel 3: XAN is using the shelves to wall jump to higher ground so he can chase after MIMIR.

Panel 4: A ninja star hits the shelf where XAN was about to put his hand, causing him to stop short.

Panel 5: ODIN hits XAN with a flying kick, knocking him off the shelves.

SFX: wam!

ODIN: (Whispering.) < Oh no, you don’t. >

Panel 6: Both ODIN and XAN land on their feet. ODIN is in the foreground.

ODIN: (Whispering.) < You already picked your fight. You’re staying right here with me. >


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  1. Don't know much of the overall story, but this page flows really nicely. Some nice action and quick dialogue to keep everything moving at a rapid clip.

    Also, I dig the whisper-shouting. Solid.


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