Sunday, February 8, 2015

Why Hawkworld? (Why Thanagar?)

Because Hawkman (and Hawkwoman), while great concepts, have been the characters NO ONE at DC seems to know what to do with, mired in confusing continuity, and everytime someone tries to simplify the Hawks, they get MORE confusing.
Seriously, why would you do this on purpose?
Except once...
Aahhh...that's better.
See, right after Crisis on Infinite Earths, DC decided to reintroduce origins to their main heroes from scratch. Some got fresh origins set in their pasts (Superman got John Byrne's Man of Steel, Batman had Frank Miller's Year One, Green Lantern's Emerald Dawn). Others started over in the present (George Perez's Wonder Woman), and some were new beginnings for old characters (Wally West becoming the new Flash after the death of Barry Allen).   But my personal favourite of all of these was Tim Truman's HAWKWORLD.
Katar Hol and the dregs of Thanagar. Art by Truman
Before Crisis, all we knew of the Hawks was that they were two of Thanagar's planetary police. But in Truman's hands, Thanagar was a corrupted fascist caste society, and Katar Hol, with the help of Shayera Thal, try to root out that corruption and bring hope to those who live in the lower cities. When their quarry, a criminal named Byth, escapes, the chase leads to Earth, where Hawkworld, the series, becomes less about heroes and villains, but more about law vs justice, security vs freedom, and order vs anarchy.

So while we seem to be pretty gifted in depicting societies we live in, I thought it would be fun to try our hands at a truly alien culture.

Plus, it's space cops with antigravity wings. Pure awesome.

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