Saturday, March 28, 2015

Beta Ray Bill - Everything Is a Nail - Travis M. Holyfield

Panel 1. Exterior. The Blue Area of the Moon. BETA RAY BILL and RONAN THE ACCUSER stand facing each other.

RONAN: A Korbinite. I had thought your kind extinct, washed away like the useless grime you are.

Panel 2. Focus on Bill.

BETA RAY BILL: And even with my eyes closed, I would know you as a Kree, for you talk too much and still say nothing of interest.

Panel 3. Focus on Ronan. He hefts his hammer and points it at Bill.


Panel 4. Bill hefts Stormbreaker and looks at it thoughtfully.

BETA RAY BILL: There is an Earth expression that I often ponder.

BETA RAY BILL: “When your only tool is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.”

Panel 5. Close up of Bill’s face as he glares at Ronan.

BETA RAY BILL: Tell me, “Accuser”, what do you imagine you look like to me right now?

Panel 6. Bill and Ronan rush at each other, swinging their hammers in mighty arcs!


  1. I like this page - it feels like it could either make for a solid intro or an excellent conclusion to a story. My only concern is that, with all of this being on a single page, that final panel of Bill and Ronan rushing each other loses some of its oomph for being a bit on the small side. However, a clever panel layout could likely avoid most of the concern.

  2. Agreed. This may be my favorite page from you yet. The storytelling shines, and the imagery from panel to panel flows cleanly and with urgency. I'd expect to turn the page on to something even more awesome. Well done this week, Travis.


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