Monday, March 23, 2015

Beta Ray Bill - Life Lessons - Grant McLaughlin

Three rows of panels.  Row one is made up of panels 1 through 3, while rows two and three are made up of a single panel each (4 and 5, respectively).

1 - Beta Ray Bill in his pre-Thor armor - the stuff he would have worn just when he got to Earth.  He's in what looks like a field, although there isn't much in the way of distinct elements in the background.  Bill has one hand to the side of his head, sliding up towards his temple, as if trying to calm his frustration.  Facing the reader, he looks off and to the side.

BILL: You refuse to give me your full attention.

2 - Bill starts pacing towards the left, hands nervously grasping each other in front of him.

BILL: You rarely speak.

3 - Bill paces back towards the right, both hands up and splayed in evident frustration.

BILL: And whenever you finally do, it is always in the negative.

4 - Pull back and switch angles to show that Bill is in a field with a couple of very confused horses.  Bill grabs the head of the one nearest him with both hands in desperation and brings his own cranium up close in a futile attempt to emphasize his point.  The horse is rather disturbed by this, while the others in the background aren't appreciating it much more.

BILL (1): What have I do to offend you so?

BILL (2): Why do you insist on ignoring me?!

5 - Switch scenes completely.  Bill (now in his regular Thor getup - or if we want to really yuck things up, wearing a traditional professor's jacket complete with suede elbow patches) is standing at a podium, looking out a room filled with aliens who are seated and looking towards him (like a university lecture, perhaps).  The aliens can be of all shapes and forms - established Marvel races and brand new ones alike.  Behind Bill can be a blackboard (or something similar) that reads "Living on Earth: Important Things to Know".

BILL: was near this juncture I began to suspect I may have misread which was the planet's dominant species.

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  1. And thus does Horse Joke Week begin. A fine opening gambit, as well. I like the idea of Professorial Bill in the final panel; it accentuates Bill's humility. Nice page.


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