Monday, March 16, 2015

Haunted Tank - The More Things Change - Grant McLaughlin

Panels 1 and 2 make up row one, panels 3, 4, and 5 make up row two, and panel 6 is row three.

1 - Outside shot of National War Museum in New Orleans, Louisiana.  It's a beautiful, sunny day.  People are strolling about and enjoying the weather.

JAMIE (from within): I can't believe it's actually here.

2 - Inside the museum, two people stand looking at the Haunted Tank, which looks to be the institution's newest display.  The two figures are Jamie Stuart, a junior curator of the museum and granddaughter of Jeb Stuart (new character), and Valoric (who goes by Val).  If you were already aware of Viking Commando, that's some bonus points to you, but his role here is as an aged curator for the museum (he's old, but not as wizened as he should be due to reasons and Viking magic).

JAMIE: My grandfather used to tell me all sorts of stories about this tank...

VAL: It is certainly an amazing machine.

3 - Jamie turns to Val, a concerned / embarrassed look on her face.  Val smiles good-naturedly, happy to grant her request.

JAMIE: Um, would you mind if I take a moment alone with it?

VAL: I don't see why not.  Seems only fitting.

4 - Jamie stands before the tank, her hand on one of the treads.  Her eyes are closed.


5 - Jamie opens her eyes and pulls back her hand in (a positive) surprise as a familiar (to the reader) voice comes from off-panel.

GENERAL STUART (off-panel): Jamie...

JAMIE: You are real!

GENERAL STUART (off-panel): Of course I am!

6 - Pull back to show Jamie looking way surprised by the ghostly appearance of General Jeb Stuart.  The General looks the worse for wear, haggard and worn as if he's been up to some ghostly trouble.

GENERAL STUART: And I need your help.


  1. Oh wow, this looks to be an amazing start to a much grander storyline. I love the sense of legacy that comes through. One question: roughly how old is Jamie? The voice comes off young, but both my grandfathers were involved in WW2, and I'm in my 40s *shudder*...Solid piece, Grant.

  2. I did imagine her as relatively young - a somewhat recent arrival to the institution - so maybe late 20s / early 30s. My grandfather wasn't directly involved in WW2, but he was farming on the homefront at the time. Jamie's youth comes from the timing of when my grandpa had my Dad and when my Mom and Dad had me, as I pretty much ported my age into the character.

    Thanks for the comments, Ray.


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