Sunday, March 1, 2015

Lumberjanes - No Rain, No Gain - Grant McLaughlin

1 - Establishing shot.  It is a dark, rainy day, with a downpour falling upon the roof of the Lumberjanes' Roanoke cabin.  LETTERING NOTE: The word balloon emerging from the cabin should in some way connote despondance (either being black, extra wavy, extended, etc).

RIPLEY (from within): -sigh!-

2 - Ripley sits on a lowerbunk, looking out the window in infinte sadness, her hand resting longingly on the pane, as if reaching for the sunny days she once knew.  Molly sits next to her, looking kind of confused.  Jo and Mal play cards, while April writes in her diary.

RIPLEY: The world will never be dry again.

MAL: Rip, it's only been raining for, like, an hour.

RIPLEY: (quieter) never again...

3 - Jen rummages through a big ol' wooden chest.  Her heads is pretty much right in there, out of sight.  She throws various items related to the words she's saying out of the box and behind her (like board games, construction paper, safety scissors, etc).

JEN (1): Don't worry, girls.  I am prepared for all rainy day eventualities!

JEN (2): May I suggest playing board games, doing crafts, reading, sitting quietly, contemplating existence, slow motion tag, or the most thrilling pursuit of all --

4 - Pull back a bit to have Jen and the girls in frame.  Jen looks up from the box towards the girls.  She holds with her hand tracing an imaginary rainbow above her head (which actually exists as a real rainbow on the page, which reads: "Imaginations").  LETTERING NOTE: Jen's dialogue should come before the rainbow word.  The girls look over, stopping their activites in wonder of where this is going.

JEN: Using our --


5 - Repeat panel.  The rainbow "Imaginations" has disappeared.  The girls look on, stunned.  Jen holds her pose, as confident as ever.


6 - The girls look towards each other uneasily, unsure of what to do.  Ripley tursn back towards her window, reaching for absent sun once more.  Jen closes her eyes and shrugs, a knowing look on her face.

JEN: That's fine.  I'm just going to imagine you all liked my idea.

RIPLEY (quietly): Please come back, Mr. Sun...

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