Friday, March 13, 2015

Quake - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Past - Ray Wonsowski

The following takes place in the universe of the TV show, so I'll be using Skye as Quake, as she starts to get used to her Inhuman abilities.

The Set-up: A mysterious assassin has been picking off powered criminals, the whisper-stream calling him the "Scourge". Agent Coulson's team tracked the Scourge down, only to find out the Scourge is a Deathlok unit. While the rest of the team hunts the Deathlok/Scourge on the ground, Agent May leaves SKYE on a supermarket roof with Fitz's drone controls and a sniper scope. One drone has spotted the target just down the street from her position...

Panel 1- SKYE excitedly looks over the ledge of the supermarket roof, scope to her eye. Reflected in the glass, a figure in a duster coat can be seen, collar up, showing only a burnt scalp...

SKYE: (mumbling) cmon, cmon, turn around, you ugly...

Panel 2- Panel should look like the crosshairs of the scope. Close in on the shoulders and upturned collar, but one red eye peeks around or over the collar, straight at us.

SKYE: (small print) uh oh

Panel 3- Same panel design, but all we can see are two jackbooted feet, as the figure has leapt up into the sky.

SKYE: ...uh, guys, I think he...

Panel 4- Foreground, the figure has landed in a crouch, one arm out, a futuristic heavy military revolver in hand. Background, SKYE shows total fear at the enemy's sudden landing; she's dropped the scope, and looks like she's about to go over the edge...

DEATHLOK/SCOURGE: Target designate Daisy Skye Johnson. Terrigen confirmation. Codename "Quake".

SKYE: ...ohmygod...

Panel 5- Reveal that this Deathlok template has been fused with an older version of SKYE (roughly 40 years of age). The hair is all burned away, leaving nothing but a scarred scalp. Under the white duster coat, blowing to the side in the wind, we can tell she is wearing the classic Demolisher armour. She is pointing her weapon at us, in a crouch. Her free hand is touching the rooftop, and there is the slight hint of a tremor starting beneath her palm.

DEATHLOK/SCOURGE/SKYE: I'm sorry. Colonel Manning's orders.

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