Monday, March 9, 2015

Quake - Dyed in the Wool - Grant McLaughlin

Panel 1 is big and takes up maybe a little over a third of the page.  The rest of the panels focus in on different aspects of the scene set in the first panel.  Row two is made up of panels 2 - 4 (all same size) and row three is made up of panels 5 and 6 (6 being maybe twice as wide as 5).

1 - Daisy is at a laundromat, waiting on her washing.  She leans against the washing machine, wearing some appropriate "laundry day" attire.  There are a number of other patrons throughout the room, a couple folding clothing, some watching their drying, a guy getting a drink from one of the TARGET-Cola machines, and so forth.  There's also the old geezer who presumably owns the establishment sitting behind the counter - it looks like he's sleeping in his seat (although hard to tell for sure with his old person sunglasses).

CAPTION (DAISY): You pick up a thing or two when you have the world's best spy as your teacher.

2 - Close-up on the couple folding laundry.  If you feel the need, their wash could be primarily green, but that isn't important.  Maybe coloured so the world around them is a little faded / greyed out to emphasize that they are the focus of the panel.

CAPTION (DAISY): For instance, it didn't take long to make these two as Hydra.

3 - Focus on the TARGET Cola machines in the back.  While someone stands near them trying to get his cola out (maybe hitting the machine a bit), it's the machines that are coloured, while the rest of the panel is faded / greyed.

CAPTION (DAISY): It wasn't hard to recognize these as A.I.M.'s new Death-o-Matic Devices.

4 - Focus on the old (apparently) sleeping geezer.  He looks about as dangerous as a tired kitten.  As before, the world around should be faded / greyed.

CAPTION (DAISY): And although I've yet to figure out who this guy's with, I know that he will be trouble.

5 - Return to Daisy.  She's taking out her wash, holding a bright red shirt in her hands.  The rest of the world can be regular coloured.

CAPTION (DAISY): For all that, we occasionally skipped over some of the more basic stuff.

6 - Daisy's still taking out her laundry - maybe some of it is already in the basket by this point.  The important thing is that the rest of the load was white clothing, which has now all been dyed pink.  Daisy has a look of annoyance / exasperation on her face.

DAISY: Aw, not again!

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