Saturday, March 14, 2015

Quake - The Scalpel or the Sword - Travis M. Holyfield

Panel One - Rooftop, exterior, night. Daisy Johnson, QUAKE, is looking down the scope of a sophisticated sniper rifle. She is dressed in her S.H.I.E.L.D. uniform.

QUAKE (CAPTION): It was one of Fury's first lessons...

Panel Two - Daisy's POV through the scope. The scope is giving her a thermal Head's-Up-Display of a conference room. Five men sit around the conference table. They are highlighted in yellow. Text in the HUD gives Daisy (and us) important information. One line reads "x1000". A second line reads "Hostiles: 5". A third line reads "Rifle mode: Semi-Auto".

QUAKE (CAPTION): Sometimes you need to use a scalpel...

Panel Three - Continuation of previous. She is zooming out to give herself a view of the entire floor. We can now see that outside of the conference room there are dozens of armed soldiers. spread out throughout the floor. All are highlighted in yellow. One line of text reads "x500". A second line reads "Hostiles: 30". The third line continues to read "Rifle mode: Semi-Auto".

QUAKE (CAPTION): Sometimes you need to use a sword.

Panel Four - Closeup of Daisy's finger flicking a switch on the rifle.


Panel Five -  A return to the HUD. Daisy is zooming out even further, and now we can see the entire building. It is filled with yellow dots, each representing a bad guy. One line of text reads "x250". A second line reads "Hostiles: 275". The third line reads "Rifle mode: Full-Auto".

Panel Six - Daisy leans away from the rifle. She looks annoyed.

QUAKE (CAPTION): And then, sometimes, every once in a while...

Panel Seven - Daisy has put the rifle down and stands, arms outstretched, hands open towards the building. She has her eyes closed in concentration. The building is showing signs of starting to shake under the effects of a highly localized earthquake.

QUAKE (CAPTION): You need to use a %$#@%$ SLEDGEHAMMER.

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