Sunday, March 29, 2015

Squirrel Girl - Food for Thought - Grant McLaughlin

Squirrel Girl, in her secret identity as Doreen Green, is going grocery shopping and discovers that Tippy-Toe has snuck along inside her bag.

We've got a lot of dialogue in panel 1, but it would be relatively small, with the page's focus being panels 2 and 5.

1 - Doreen stands in a grocery store aisle, her cart off to the side slightly.  The focus is on her and her bag, as she discovers that Tippy-Toe has come along for the errand.  Doreen is not please, grabbing Tippy-Toe (perhaps by the scruff of the neck) and brings her out of the bag entirely.

SQUIRREL GIRL: Tippy!  We discussed this!  Regular, non-superhero people like myself don't go grocery shopping with their squirrel companions!  It strains credulity.

TIPPY-TOE: Granted, but I needed to stop you from buying all that junky healthy food like fruit, vegetables, and - eugh - seeds.

SQUIRREL GIRL: Um, those things are all really good for squirrels?  What else would you want?

2 - Tippy-Toe has escaped Doreen's grasp and runs along the shelf.  This would be one of those "multiple pose" type deals, as Tippy appears throughout the panel and shelf in front of (or behind, beside, etc) various foodstuffs, calling out their names as she pauses (plus once at the start where she lands).  Doreen would watch on from the right-hand side of the panel so that she can comment at the end, a confused look on her face.

TIPPY-TOE (1): You know, the good stuff!

TIPPY-TOE (2): Cake!

TIPPY-TOE (3): Cookies!

TIPPY-TOE (4): Ice cream!

SQUIRREL GIRL: Conversely, those things are all really bad for squirrels?

3 - Tippy jumps back onto Doreen's forearm (which is maybe being held in a right-angled, "Snow White"-esque manner).  Tippy looks accusingly up at her friend, while Doreen smiles down knowingly, pointing at herself with her other hand.

TIPPY-TOE: But you eat them all the time!

SQUIRREL GIRL: That's because I'm a Squirrel Girl.

4 - Repeat panel.  Doreen realizes that Tippy's comment was somewhat insulting and doesn't appreciate it.  Tippy doesn't much care and keeps dishing it out.  Both are getting rather riled up and are possibly leaning towards one another.

SQUIRREL GIRL: And I do not eat them all the time!

TIPPY-TOE: That's funny, because that tub of ice cream emptied itself pretty quickly last night!

5 - Pull back to show the grocery store around Doreen and Tippy-Toe.  A decent-size group of grocery store patrons has gathered / stopped their shopping all around and are looking on in great confusion.  Some have stopped in the middle of grabbing something off the shelf, holding the pose.  Others have dropped items in surprise.  Some simply cannot look away.  Doreen and Tippy-Toe are in a similar pose to last panel, but both have stopped dead, looking at the assembled group in stunned confusion.


6 - A security guard steps up, and while confused, asks them to leave.  Doreen and Tippy-Toe look away, embarrassed (Tippy has climbed up to Doreen's shoulder).

SECURITY GUARD: I'm gonna have to ask you and your credulous squirrel to leave.


TIPPY-TOE: Chitty, chit.

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  1. I forgot the most important part of my script! Just like Ryan North's comics, there should be a bottom of page coda that reads:

    "Remember, it's important for squirrels AND girls to eat balanced diets. And not to argue the matter with each other in grocery stores."


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