Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Haunted Tank – Jeb Stuarts Wild Ride – MK Stangeland Jr.

(7 Panels)

Panel 1: A military cargo plane flies through the sky.

Panel 2: Back of the cargo plane – its back is open, and a high-tech looking TANK is rolling out the back end.

Panel 3: The TANK in free-fall, the plane it rolled out of high above it.

JEB STUART: (From inside tank) YEEE-HAW!

Panel 4: TANK fires jets to slow and right itself as it nears the ground.

SFX: kkkooooooooooooo

Panel 5: TANK lands safely on the ground.

SFX: thud

Panel 6: TANK in transition as it transforms into a tank mech suit.

SFX: wrk wrk wrk

Panel 7: TANK MECHA after final transformation. The ghost of JEB STUART’s horse stands on the MECHA’s shoulders as JEB sits on the horse.

JEB STUART: Man, do I ever love the future!



  1. Not what I expected, and all the better for it. I love Jeb's enthusiasm - fun and infectious. Any page where my wife wonders why I'm smiling, is a good page. Tank-bot ho!!! Fun fun page, MK...

  2. Agreed with Ray. An incredibly fun page here, MK. The visual of the tank jumping out of the plane was awesome, but the sprinkle of Transformers works just as well. I would read this story in a heartbeat.


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