Sunday, March 15, 2015

Why the Haunted Tank?

Because it's a HAUNTED TANK!
Hyah! Ride, ya damn yankees!
Sgt. Jeb Stuart commands an M3 tank that shares his name, and is haunted by the spirit of the Civil War General the tank is named after. They are part of the mechanical cavalry in the African theatre of WWII, fighting Nazis, ghost planes, and dinosaurs.
Yes, this happened. You're welcome.
Throughout the strip when it ran in G.I.Combat, the tank would get destroyed, put back together, rehaunted, blown up, replaced by an Abrams, re-rehaunted, and so on.  All in all, an off-the-wall concept, but when you consider that the only war comic that ran longer was Sgt. Rock, it obviously had a great deal of distance to go.
Gotta admit, I wish I thought of this one...
A Vertigo version put the ghost of Gen. Stuart (who commanded the armies of the Rebel South in the American war between the states) in a modern tank patrolling Iraq, and commanded by an African-American also surnamed Stuart, which was an interesting take on today's racial and global politic.
Hilarious! Family fun!
By the way, Thoughtballooners, if you feel like "playing at home", just leave your script in the comments below this post. You can't beat writing about a Haunted Tank!
...unless it's a Haunted Tank fighting a giant Nazi War Wheel!

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