Saturday, April 25, 2015

Captain Britain - Home of the Brave - J.D. Coughlan

Wide panels taking up the top and bottom rows, 2x2 grid in between.

Panel 1: Wide panel of George Square in Glasgow*. There is a large crowd to the left and one to the right, with Captain Britain (Brian Braddock) and a few police officers in the middle, holding the throngs back from one another.

CAPTION: George Square, Glasgow

CAPTION: September 19th, 2014

CAPTION: Scotland votes against independence from the UK in an historic referendum. Naturally, fighting breaks out between the pro- and anti-independence voters.

Panel 2: Mid-shot of Captain Britain. He holds up his hands in a gesture of peace.

BRIAN: (small) Angry Scots... Gimme extradimensional monsters any day...

BRIAN: People! Please remain calm! There is no need for violence!

Panel 3: Over Brian's shoulder. An angry man in the crowd shouts at him.

MAN: Shut it, Captain England!

Panel 4: Head-and-shoulders shot of Brian. He looks annoyed, but is trying to hold it back.

BRIAN: I represent all Britain, not just England.

BRIAN: And that still includes you guys, according to a little thing called democracy.

Panel 5: Wide shot angled slightly from above, of Captain Britain standing between the crowds. He is stood with his arms spread to both of them.

BRIAN: If you fight each other just because you disagree, well, then you're no better than all the things you accuse us English of.

O.P.: Is that so?

Panel 6: Wide panel from behind Brian's back as he turns to see a figure step out from the crowd. This figure is tall with red hair tied back and a trim beard. He wears a kilt and a tunic with the Scottish flag pattern on it. A large claymore is sheathed at his hip.

FIGURE: It's time the Scottish people had someone to stand up for them.

FIGURE: It's time for... (large) CAPTAIN SCOTLAND!


(*As seen in World War Z)


  1. I like the script and the idea of Captain Scotland, particularly the possibilities and stories that could be held within it - lots of room for interesting dialogue on the independence question.

    That said, I would choose a different word than "naturally" to describe fights breaking out. While said fights would be necessary for the opening of this story, I feel "naturally" is a little too cynical, particularly for a superhero comic.

  2. It was intended to be cynical -- were this a full story, that tone would be reversed by the end, with a message of "why can't we all get along?" -- but I can understand why it would seem overwhelmingly cynical in a shorter space.


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