Sunday, April 19, 2015

Captain Britain - New Beginnings - Grant McLaughlin

The first and last panels would make up their own individual rows at the top and the bottom of the page.  The rest of the panels would be in between the two, all of equal size, and would number as many as is necessary (as will be explained below).

1 - Brian Braddock (in full Captain Britain regalia) and Meggan Puceneau (in full whatever her regalia might be) stand in front of a curtain, about to go onto a stage.

MEGGAN: You really think this will work?

BRIAN: God, I hope so.

The majority of the page should be small panels of Captain Britain

2 - ?? I'm imaging a series a small panels (like some David Aja-type stuff) depicting various scenes of Brian and Meggan making phone calls, writing letters, sending texts and emails, and so forth.  Perhaps interspersed between each of these would be the response panel, if you will: a hero answering the phone, checking their mail, looking at their texts, reading email / Facebook / twitter / whatever.  These could be really basic, or they could be slightly more ambitious (i.e. a shot of a Twitter handle belonging to Brian starting a message whose contents isn't clear) partially based on what you'd like and how much focus you want to throw in here.  The heroes seeing these calls could be a combination of known or brand new folk.  They all have specific nationalities in mind, but I'll save that for the final panel.

The only other thing to note is that we have some captions going throughout this process, which can be placed anywhere as long as their reading order is more or less the same.

CAPTION (BRIAN): We've put in the work.

CAPTION (BRIAN): Established our goals.

CAPTION (BRIAN): And reached out to friends.

CAPTION (BRIAN): Acquaintances.

CAPTION (BRIAN): Strangers.

FINAL PANEL - Brian and Meggan stand on a podium in an auditorium of some variety, looking out at a crowd of heroes from various Commonwealth countries.  People like Union Jack, Spitfire, or Elsa Bloodstone would be some good Brits.  Maybe some members of Alpha Flight, perhaps Wolverine if he's alive for Canada.  You could have Gateway or Manifold (as well as Slipstream) from Australia.  Kiwi Black is all I can find from New Zealand.  Perhaps the new Ms. Marvel as a Pakistani member (even if she's first generation American).  There's a couple of Indian heroes such as Karima Shapandar or Thunderbird.  Part of what I'm saying is that you'd probably have to create some new characters for this idea, but that's totally doable so no worries.

LETTERING NOTE: Captain Britain's final two words should be styled as a logo title.

CAPTION (BRIAN): All that's left is to give it the old college try.

BRIAN: Thank you all for being here and welcome to the inaugural meeting of the COMMONWEALTH CORPS!


  1. It's a humorous and topical idea, very much in the spirit of Captain Britain, and bringing other non-American superheroes forward. The final scene might be better on its own page, but such is our limit.

  2. I always liked Neal Shaara, thanks for including him in your Corps. Pretty entertaining page, Aja's art would be a good fit, but I keep seeing this in Bruce Timm's style. Good set up.


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