Saturday, April 25, 2015

Captain Britain - Strive - Travis M. Holyfield

Panel 1: Brian Braddock, CAPTAIN BRITAIN, stands in a dark, quiet library in his country estate. He regards his helmet, sitting on a table in front of him. He thoughtfully swishes the glass of smoky liquor he holds in his hand.

CAPTAIN BRITAIN (CAPTION): Though I am an educated man, I cannot claim to be wise.

CAPTAIN BRITAIN (CAPTION): But I strive to grow in wisdom, and seek out those who can guide me.

Panel 2: A flashback. Captain Britain is  in a rainy graveyard. His uniform is torn and muddy, his body broken and bloody. He struggles to his feet, using a tombstone to brace himself. Approaching him with single-minded, deadly purpose, is THE FURY.

CAPTAIN BRITAIN (CAPTION): I am not a brave man.

CAPTAIN BRITAIN (CAPTION): But I strive to stand strong in the face of my fears.

Panel 3: Another flashback. We look on from over Captain Britain's shoulder as he hefts a boulder above his head. At his feet, battered almost beyond recognition, is the form of SLAYMASTER. Those of us who know Captain Britain's history know that there is murder in the air.

CAPTAIN BRITAIN (CAPTION): I am not a just man.

CAPTAIN BRITAIN (CAPTION): But I strive to recognize the right from the wrong, and always do the former.

Panel 4:  Another flashback. In the SECRET AVENGERS' headquarters, Captain Britain angirly shouts at HAWKEYE. BLACK WIDOW and VALKYRIE stand in the background, AGENT VENOM grips Cap's shoulder attempting to hold him back.

CAPTAIN BRITAIN (CAPTION): I am not a humble man.

CAPTAIN BRITAIN (CAPTION): But I strive to overcome my own pride, and heed the better angels of my nature.

Panel 5:  In a celestial crystal palace, Captain Britain kneels before the lady ROMA. She gently touches his shoulder. The assembled Captain Britain Corps stand at attention, watching the scene.

CAPTAIN BRITAIN (CAPTION): I am not worthy to be Captain Britain.

CAPTAIN BRITAIN (CAPTION): But I will strive to be. And I will protect the multiverse until my death, or until another takes my watch.


  1. Solid tone here, created by the excellent dialogue, and a great pay-off.

  2. Really nice call and response piece. The repetition makes for a nice build that's capped off well by that final panel. Great representation of who the character is and what he works to be.


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