Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Captain Britain - Warpchild - Ray Wonsowski

Setting: interior, the Hellfire Club. 

Panel 1 - BRIAN BRADDOCK sits at a dimly-lit table. He's dressed in a bankers-grey three-piece, no tie. A lingerie-clad serving girl,foreground left, places a club soda with a lime in it on the table before him. BRADDOCK, however, is looking at the tall feminine figure, clad in fur-lined white robes, foreground right (her back toward us, long voluminous blonde hair cascading down her back). He's slightly taken aback, but slightly smirking.

BRADDOCK: Well now, I must admit this is the last place I'd expect you to ask for a meet.

Panel 2 - Reverse p.o.v. BRADDOCK is looking up at the tall voluptuous figure of the OPAL LUNA SATURNYNE, looking haughty, yet nervous. The serving girl is walking away.

SATURNYNE: Necessity forced the choice of venue, Captain.
BRADDOCK: There are better places to hide, Mastrix.

Panel 3 - SATURNYNE slides into the booth close to BRADDOCK. She is furtive, a bit frightened, and scanning the room.

SATURNYNE: That depends entirely on who you hide from.
BRADDOCK: Who? Who hunts you?
OFF PANEL: I do...

Panel 4 -  A white haired CHILD in a navy-blue dress suit, white shirt with a red and gold silk tie, about age 10 or 11, approaches the table, hand extended as if offering a hand shake. Foreground, the faces of BRADDOCK and SATURNYNE, silhouetted, express shock.

CHILD: Permit me to introduce myself. My name is Clifton Dover. I am the illegitimate son of James Jaspers.
CHILD: I am heir to the Warp.

Panel 5 - CLIFTON waves his fingers, levitating the struggling BRADDOCK and SATURNYNE. BRADDOCK's helmet has materialized, and his suit is transforming into his CAPTAIN BRITAIN uniform.

BRADDOCK: ..nh..
CLIFTON: In ten years, I am to become the Captain Albion of Earth 3294. In twenty, I force the Omniversal Matrix to bear my seed.

Panel 6 - Close up on the face of CLIFTON, who sweats at the brow, smiling closed-lipped at his manipulations.

CLIFTON: Whose birth will herald the destruction of the Captain Britain Corps across all timelines.
CLIFTON: But not before I kill this one's first...


  1. Wowzers. Your knowledge of Captain Britain and company is astounding and used to (what appears to be) great effect.

    As my write-up may have indicated, I'm not overly familiar with the character, and so while I don't think I'm catching every single aspect of your plot (the hyperlinks do help, natch), I like what I'm seeing. Even though I'm not in on all the details, you clearly establish what's going on, the stakes, and create an intriguing glance into your narrative in a single page. Some impressive work. Nice last line, too.

  2. I'll admit I'm ignorant about Captain Britain, and my Marvel lore is weak, so I was a bit confuzzled by the characters, but it has a great atmosphere and tone set up, which carries it well enough to that sharp finale.


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