Monday, April 13, 2015

Dr. Fischer - Retirement Planning - Grant McLaughlin

I apologize for such an esoteric page.  Hopefully some of you have read volume 8 or Atomic Robo, as this is predicated entirely on those issues.

1 - Atomic Robo HQ.  We're a few decades down the line from the present day.  It's Bernard's retirement party.  Part of a banner reading as much is visible in the background.  Lots of established characters are present, many quite a bit older (with the exception of Robo and Jenkins who both look pretty much the same).  Emma (the little girl from the 2011 Free Comic Book Day issue) is standing with Bernard (who is older, balder, and maybe a little pudgier), chatting.

EMMA: Any plans for what's next?

2 - An establishing shot of Kukenan-tepui, the flat-topped mountain in Guayana Region, Venezuela (and the one where the team fought off Doctor Dinosaur and company in volume 8).


3 - Bernard is walking out of the pink fluorescent crystal pool deep within the mountain.  Far out shot, emphasizing his smallness and apparent aloneness.

CAPTION (BERNARD): Nothing planned at this stage.

BERNARD (small text in a big balloon): Hello?

4 - 6 - These panels are a spiritual inversion of the final goodbye between Bernard and the chief's daughter rock creature that Bernard was maybe in love with?  There isn't a completed page online yet, but the inks are here (last row of panels).  Anyways, hopefully it will make more sense with some descriptors.

4 - A close-up of Bernard as he looks absolutely delighted at what he sees.


5 - A close-up of the chief's daughter rock monster.  Its emotional state is completely indecipherable.


6 - A shot of their hands reaching out and clasping each other, reunited after far too many years apart.

CAPTION (BERNARD): But I've got an idea or two.


  1. Touching, even if we already know that it sadly won't likely allow for a very long retirement.

    1. I'd like to imagine that in the time between Bernard has come up with some way to make it work.


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