Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Dr. Fischer - Uncertainty - Ray Wonsowski


Panel 1- my kitchen table, 3am.  My face is in my hands as I try to wade my way through another bout of writer's block. The only light is from the screen of my laptop, illuminating me weakly.


Panel 2 - same as panel 1, except from the side, DR. FISCHER peeks in curiously over my shoulder from the side of the panel.


Panel 3 - same as above, except DR. FISCHER now stands behind me, adressing the reader professorially, twirling a pencil between his fingers.

DR. FISCHER: According to quantum physics, just the act of observation changes the outcome of an event.

Panel 4 - DR. FISCHER now looks intently over my shoulder, but now I look up from my hands, annoyed that someone has interrupted my writer's block.


Panel 5 - DR. FISCHER has taken a smiling interest, as I type furiously what should happen in the next panel.


Panel 6 - DR. FISCHER is being mercilessly pummeled by DEADPOOL, RAINBOW DASH, TRUTH SAYING BASTARD SPIDEY (the anime version of Spider Jerusalem), and SAMMY HAGAR THOR.  I am typing and smiling evilly as I think of what else I can do to get rid of the nuisance.

ME: ...mmyep, science.
DR. FISCHER: spleen...

1 comment:

  1. It has been a good while since we've seen your Writer's Block Brigade around these parts, and they please as ever. They always make for a pleasant trip down memory lane.

    Admittedly, Bernard is a geologist, but I'm sure he'd be somewhat familiar with quantum physics through his work as an Action Scientist... :) (the gag certainly makes the comment worth it)


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