Monday, April 6, 2015

Red Skull - Force of Habit - Grant McLaughlin

Kraven, the Red Skull, and Norman Osborn are roommates.  Just go with it.

1 - Outside shot of a house in a regular neighbourhood.  The lawn is filled with various garbage and debris - tipped over garbage can spilling its contents everywhere, various sporting equipment just left out, overturned beerpong table (and accompanying keg), etc.  Maybe the screen door is off its hinges.  Looks very much like a house cohabited by university students.  To emphasize its messiness, what parts of the houses on either side that can be seen are completely clean.  All word balloons come from within the house.

KRAVEN (1): Our homestead is a shambles!

KRAVEN (2): Disorder and untidiness reign supreme!

KRAVEN (3): Something must be done!

2 - We're now in the house's kitchen.  Kraven stands towards midpanel, looking towards the kitcehn table (and the reader), where Norman Osborn and the Red Skull sit on either side of the panel (looking back at him nonchalantly).  Kraven holds a chore wheel triumphantly in his hands for all to see.  The kitchen is pretty much as messy as outside.  Dishes are piled high in and around the sink.  There are pizza boxes, discarded clothes, and anything else you feel appropriate laying pretty much everywhere.  That kind of thing.  Even the kitchen table is full of old plates, books, and whatever.

KRAVEN: Therefore, I have create a chore wheel to help us hunt down this menace in a manner that is both fair and equitable!

RED SKULL: That's interesting...

3 - Similar to panel 2.  Red Skull pulls out a little gun-like device and fires it at Kraven.  Kraven is literally stunned by the beam that flows out and envelops him.  Osborn is a little perturbed.  LETTERING NOTE: The Red Skull's second word balloon should be dark and malevolent to emphasize the kind of tone he's taking.

RED SKULL (1): Because I made a mind control device for the same reason

RED SKULL (2): You will clean the house.

4 - Osborn looks at the Red Skull with an exasperated expression.  Red Skull looks pretty smug.  In the background, Kraven starts doing dishes (if we see his eyes, maybe have them be little whirlpools to show his mind as being controlled or something).

KRAVEN (quietly, in a wavering word balloon): I will clean the house...

OSBORN: You do realize there are other ways to solve your problems beyond mind control, right?

5 - Focus on the Red Skull.  He's mad smug, throwing his legs on top of the table and leaning back in his chair like a boss - maybe he has hands clasped around the back of his head for support (channeling Ferris Bueller perhaps).

RED SKULL: I think if you'll look at my personal history, you'll see the answer to that question is a resounding "no".

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  1. I never thought I would laugh at a Red Skull page, so bonus points to you this week. The dialogue is fun and infectious, Kraven's especially. What makes the whole thing work, is that each panel sets up the next panel's beat so well; the flow from 2 to 3 is masterful on its own. Well done page all around.


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