Wednesday, April 8, 2015


(There used to be perhaps the best Red Skull page ever written here. But then Red Skull found out, decided he didn’t like it, and got his hands on it.)

(1 Panel)

Panel 1: SPLASH PAGE – It has the appearance of a NAZI-esque WWII-style propaganda poster for HYDRA. Should give the imagery of a previously existing page having been torn down and this page being put up in its place.

On the poster is a bust-style image of RED SKULL, who is looking directly at the reader. He’s angled to look like he’s towering over the reader and looking down at them in a style that should come off equal parts terrifying and ‘Red Skull is watching you’. His very presence should command attention from the reader. One of his hands is extended out in front of him, holding a crumpled up piece of paper that should be the very page that was previously torn down. The overall effect should come off as ‘yes, I did this; let this be a warning that I can do it to you as well’.

TEXT (1): (Top of page) This page has been deemed unacceptable for public consumption by the HYDRA censorship authorities!

TEXT (2): (Directly beneath RED SKULL) HAIL HYDRA!

TEXT (3): Report all subversive activities and media to HYDRA!

TEXT (4): Remember, HYDRA’s ability to maintain order and keep you safe depends on You! 

TEXT (5): Report ALL unacceptable activities to the proper HYDRA authorities!

TEXT (6): HYDRA – True Order in an Chaotic World!

TEXT (7): (Should read like a stamp attached after the fact) APPROVED: HYDRA CENSORSHIP AUTHORITIES – HAIL HYDRA



  1. Some solid pseudo-propaganda / censorship on display here. I think you do a solid job of mimicking the tone-deaf double-speak that is so common with those efforts (particularly within the realm of fiction).

    The small meta-touches like your title and opening parentheses are also solid. Thumbs up.


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