Saturday, April 4, 2015

Squirrel Girl - Coming This Summer - Travis M. Holyfield

Panel 1 - Exterior. A park at night. The wind whips through black trees, causing leaves to whip across our field of vision. This is a nightmarish, David Fincher-esque, version of a park at night. In the center of the panel, a young woman in a pale blue dress is being attacked by two stereotypical park muggers. Each of the muggers has one of her arms, and they are pulling her in opposite directions. 

CAPTION: "This summer..."

Panel 2 - Closer focus on the thugs. They have let the girl go, and she is running away. 

THUG 1: What was that noise? 

CAPTION: "... Vengeance comes..."

PANEL 3 - The thugs in the foreground, their backs to us, recoil in fear as a grotesque, feral, half-human/half-squirrel female creature leaps down at them from the treetops, claws flashing in the moonlight.

CAPTION: "... From the TREES."

Panel 4 - The panel is black, with a film logo - It is the words "SQUIRREL GIRL" written in a bloody, slashing font, dripping in blood.

Panel 5 - Interior of a Hollywood producer's office. A TV shows the logo, and continues to run through the trailer. Two HOLLYWOOD SUITS look expectantly at Squirrel Girl, who sits facing them in an office chair, Tippy-Toe on her shoulder. 


TV: "... Directed by Zack Snyder..."



  1. a) "This is a nightmarish, David Fincher-esque, version of a park at night" is a great sentence and would make for an excellent panel.
    b) That final panel is solid, both for Squirrel Girl and Tippy-Toe's reactions, but also the Zack Snyder joke.
    c) Well played.

  2. I concur. The Zack Snyder dig puts the cherry on top.


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