Friday, April 3, 2015

Squirrel Girl - Free at Last - Ray Wonsowski

Panel 1- SQUIRREL GIRL walking down a torch-lit medieval staircase. She is looking over her shoulder and up at someone following behind her, chattering away happily but nervously.

OFF-PANEL: ...and he wasn't any trouble?
SQUIRREL GIRL: Oh, no, sir. No trouble at all, sir.

Panel 2- SQUIRREL GIRL pushes open a heavy oaken door with iron binders. She's still grinning, talking to someone behind her, gesturing them inside.

OFF-PANEL: Surprising. Since the day I brought him home, he's caused nothing but. Especially for his Granny.
SQUIRREL GIRL: Gee whiz, surely not. I mean, I put him down right after dinner, see?

Panel 3- SQUIRREL GIRL looks on in wide-eyed horror. A heavy iron, spiked, and Kirby-esque crib with a heavy set lock and lit yellow circuitry, empty except for a baby blanket and a teddy bear with a missing button eye tossed in the corner of it.

Panel 4- SQUIRREL GIRL is frantically trying to cover for the missing baby. DARKSEID stands in the doorway, facepalming in exasperation. He is flanked behind him by two Paradaemons.

DARKSEID: No, no, I understand.
DARKSEID: (sotto voce, small lettering) Release the hounds.

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  1. Haha. Another suitably adorable entry for the lovely Doreen Green. A nice, slow build to the ultimate crossover you've come up with here. I like how you manage to mix in elements of Doreen and Scott's backgrounds for a fun like page.

    Also, I learned what "sotto voce" is, as I'd never heard the term before. Fun and educational!


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