Thursday, April 30, 2015

Ultron - In His Image - A Wonsowski Family Jam

...understandably, my boys are very excited for the new Avengers movie, and they wanted to help me celebrate the sequel. Sometimes, it's better to make your own adventures with your kids. So...

Script and Layout: Ray Wonsowski (Papa)
Pencils and Inks: Nikolas Wonsowski (age 10)
Colors and Crayons: Victor Wonsowski (age 7)


Setting: the 31st century.

Panel 1- A Shi'ar Starjammer craft streaks as it egresses from a wormhole.
CAPTION (YONDU): Wormhole's collapsing! We're coming in hot...

Panel 2- YONDU wrestles with the throttle, the ship caught in a gravity well. MAJOR VICTORY (VANCE ASTROVIK) reacts in surprise to the emergency klaxon, as STARHAWK points in shock out the fore windscreen.
YONDU: ...and too close to Earth!
MAJOR VICTORY: How? Lunar base has been silent for nearly a cycle...
STARHAWK: It's gone! Look...

Panel 3- The Guardians' craft streaks toward its destination. The moon is shattered, nothing left but lunar rubble orbiting Earth. But Earth is not as we remember...
CAPTION (STARHAWK): The moon has been obliterated! And Earth...
CAPTION (MAJOR VICTORY): My God. Ultron hasn't taken over the planet...
CAPTION: be continued...

...and here's the whole page:
the finished product

...see you at the movies!


  1. Planet Ultron is a very cool idea, and that's some damn fine artwork there too. A success for the whole family!

  2. The artwork is killer. Love the whole thing. Nice work, boys.

  3. Absolutely wonderful. Really neat idea, and as always, one of the best team-ups I've ever seen. Great stuff.

  4. Astounding team up! Keep up the great work Niklas and Victor!
    - Uncle Peter & Aunt Sarah


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