Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Ultron – Twisted Relationship Theater: The Artificial Love of Ultron! – MK Stangeland Jr.

(6 Panels)

Panel 1: Intro Box – An ULTRON head surrounded by three digital-style hearts are surrounded by the text.

TEXT (1): And now, Twisted Relationship Theater Presents:

TEXT (2): The Artificial Love of Ultron!

Panel 2: HANK PYM and ULTRON.

HANK PYM: I think I’ve created artificial life somehow.

ULTRON (1): I hate you, dad.

ULTRON (2): And all other humans, too.



ULTRON (1): I love you for reasons, ambiguously-related mother figure!

WASP: Never going to happen!

Panel 4: ULTRON and VISION.

ULTRON (1): Fine, then I’ll be a single dad instead and make myself a son to help wipe out humanity.

VISION: I’ve decided I like humans for reasons and that you’re evil.

ULTRON (2): Son, I am disappointed. Now I must destroy you.

Panel 5: ULTRON and JOCASTA.

ULTRON (1): I didn’t want a son anyway.

ULTRON (2): I’ll just make myself a new, better robot wife based on my ambiguously-related mother figure.

JOCASTA: I’ve decided I like humans for reasons and that you’re evil.

ULTRON (3): I am disappointed. Now I have to destroy you, robot wife/daughter/replacement mother figure!

Panel 6: ULTRON with a heart that has ‘HUMAN GENOCIDE’ written on it.

ULTRON (1): At least I’ll always have you, death of all humanity.

ULTRON (2): I know you’ll never leave me.

TEXT BOX: Next time: Tony Stark’s Love for All Women!


(And, as a bonus, have a visual version of the comic of dubious quality I decided to slap together this week!)


  1. *slow clap standing ovation*
    Seriously, you have outdone yourself, and the art is the icing on the cake. Maybe the funniest thing you've written yet. Extremely well done, all around.

  2. This perfectly describes my thoughts when reading through Ultron complicated and complex history, but in a much funnier fashion. Really like the repetition and the on-the-nose dialogue.

    And as Ray says, the art is a an excellent touch. Bravo.

  3. The art is a brilliant addition to the humour. Great stuff!

  4. I did notice our scripts this week shared the same basic premise, though with you going a lot more in-depth on it.


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