Sunday, April 19, 2015

Why Captain Britain?

There's a lot to like about the idea behind Captain Britain.

Mainstream superhero comics are unsurprisingly American-heavy when it comes to their stories and their characters, so anything that breaks that mold is a welcome sight.

I also kind of like this idea that Britain has their own state-personifying hero who isn't quite as well known as Captain America?  I mean, I doubt it was at all Marvel's intention, but it has a certain charm and parallelism to real world international politics that is kind of amusing (although under that logic, I suppose we should be getting way into Captain China soon...).

Most of all though, I think we can all agree that Captain Britain has one ballin' ass costume.

Seriously, what is not to love about that?

That being said, I will readily admit that the execution of Captain Britain has never quite sat right by me.  The mixture of Arthurian legend, magic, and modern day kind of leaves me a little cold.  Particularly when you really get into the whole Otherworld dealie and the idea of a multiverse of Captain Britain's protecting it all.  I mean, it's weirdly colonial and self-important and let's be honest why would it fall to Captain Britain to save reality a single time, let alone on multiple occasions?

Also not going to lie, but I'm not really sold on how Captain Britain seems to die constantly and is just as easily brought back from the great beyond.  I get that superhero death isn't the most permanent of states, but Brian Braddock has eaten it on what seems like no less than six separate occasions, which is pushing credulity at a certain point.

But part of the purpose of Thought Balloons is to give us the opportunity to put our own spin on things, so why not take on a character such as this?  There's a lot of potential there in my view, so maybe we can push him in a direction that's more to our liking.  Or maybe we're cool with how he is and want to try something new within that context.

It's all fair game and you're welcome to join in and offer your take in the Comments if you're so inclined.

Also, let's not forget that costume.

For reals though

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