Sunday, April 12, 2015

Why Dr. Bernard Fischer?

It ain’t easy being an action scientist. Especially when your name isn’t “Jenkins”. You never know when you might find yourself in an unnatural life-threatening situation – even within the confines of your home base; your work is unlikely to ever be appreciated by the outside world no matter how out there or groundbreaking it really is; and your entire life is likely to be overshadowed by your boss, an immortal robot genius who gets grumpy when people expect him to be point man on aforementioned dangerous situations just because he happens to be a super-invulnerable robot.

It’s especially hard when you don't fit the typical 'action hero' mold. The kind of scientist that tends to come to mind when one pictures Dr. Bernard Fischer. A scientist who originally became a one of Atomic Robo’s crew thanks to a happy – or unhappy, depending on how you look at it – accident and being able to put the right skills to work at just the right time.

But amongst all the craziness of Atomic Robo’s world, including and especially the larger-than life figures from real life that pop up on regular occasion, Dr. Fischer represents the kind of people who are a little more grounded in reality. The kind of action scientist that lets you believe that, with the right attitude, mindset, and a scientifically relevant doctorate of your own (after all, they do have standards to uphold), you too could have a shot of working for Atomic Robo at Tesladyne.

And that under the right circumstances, maybe, just maybe, you might have the opportunity to let out your own inner action scientist someday when you least expect it.

Bernard Fischer – an Action Scientist for the rest of us!

When your time to shine comes,
make sure you shine with all you got

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