Sunday, April 26, 2015

Why Ultron?

Do the words "Major Motion Picture" mean anything to you?

 Ultron was created by Roy Thomas and John Buscema as  ab adversary for the Avengers. And as Avengers bad guys go, Ultron is one of the baddest. An artificial intelligence originally created by Avengers founder Hank Pym, Ultron quickly becomes self aware and fully sentient, and immediately decides that it hates humans and that we have to go.

(Note to all researchers working to create A.I.: Just STOP. It never ends well for humanity.)

Fighting the Avengers numerous times since his debut, Ultron is one of the most truly terrifying opponents for Eartth's Mightiest Heroes because no matter what they do, he KEEPS COMING BACK. No matter how many times they destroy him, he rebuilds himself, and comes at them again. And again, And again. And that's why he's so scary. Because the Avengers can never keep him down for good. And one day, sooner or later,  ULTRON IS GOING TO WIN.



  1. Ultron - Always - Callum Ford

    Panel 1

    Looking down upon a lifeless Ultron head, sat up on a pedestal with a spotlight beaming down onto it. The rest of the room is dark.

    Caption: An intelligence like Ultrons has to know, right?

    Panel 2

    Looking directly at Ulton's face. Heavy shadows from the light. Face is menacing. Behind the head a figure can be seen standing in the shadows.

    Caption: Its true. It doesn't matter how many times we beat him, break him, destroy his body, wipe his system...

    Caption: He will survive. Transfer his intelligence, rebuild himself, start again.

    Panel 3

    Close up on Ultron's head as a glass case is put over it.

    Caption: But the point is, he will never win, ever.

    Caption: For as much as they will always be Ultron.

    Panel 4
    Pull back to see we are in an Avengers Museum. We are in the future. All the lights are off apart from the displays and light coming from the exit door on the far right where the janitor is leaving. Looking small and insignificant is Ultron's head in the centre. It is surrounded by various artifacts from other Avenger's villains. In the museum there is giant displays of famous Avengers battles, past, present and future. Statues of Avengers members stand tall along the wall. (Artist note; Go nuts!)

    Caption: They will always be Avengers.

    Caption: The End

  2. A nice idea well executed. Like the general pull back / reveal that takes this from nefarious to inspiring. A few small typos, but I know that editing in these comment boxes can be tricky.

    Regardless, it's great to see you round these parts again, Callum!


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