Saturday, May 23, 2015

Deadpool - Serious - Arby Moay

Panel 1
We look at the back of a man, standing, whose head had just been sliced clean off with a sword. In the space between where the neck and head split, we see Deadpool's eyes. He is pissed.

CAPTION (Yellow): Life, sometimes, is terrible...

Panel 2
Deadpool stalks towards a dude leaning on the closed doors of a car. The dude is pointing a pistol at Deadpool and shooting. Deadpool just shrugs off the bullets entering his body.

CAPTION (Yellow): Even I'm sane enough to realize that sometimes.

SFX (gunshot): BLAM! BLAM! BLAM!

CAPTION (Yellow): And sometimes, the monsters of this world don't need super powers. 

Panel 3
Deadpool sticks his sword through the dude's head.

CAPTION (Yellow): Sometimes, the most ordinary human can do the shittiest thing...

Panel 4
Deadpool opens the car door at the back seat and takes out a baby whose eyes glow red, and have glowing patterns in his arms. A half-eaten chimichanga rests in the dashboard of the car that Deadpool hasn't yet noticed.

CAPTION (Yellow): the most innocent.

CAPTION (Yellow): It's times like these where I just --

Panel 5
Deadpool notices the chimichanga and perks up, baby is in his left arm, while his right arm reaches for the food.


CAPTION (Yellow): Wait. What was I thinking about?

CAPTION (White): I don't know, but you sounded so serious about a panel ago.


  1. Deadpool was actually the very first script I submitted to Thought Balloons (as a play-at-home person)!

  2. Haha. Fun little script. Glad to see you returning to familiar pastures. I also like that you managed to sneak in the same joke to cap off a very different (but still very enjoyable) script.

  3. Love the tonal switcheroo. Deadpool is one of those characters that challenges all kinds of writing. Well done, Arby.


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