Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Elektra – Cruel, Sad Irony – MK Stangeland Jr.

(She probably doesn’t have nearly the reputation for dying and coming back as this page runs with, but given that dying and coming back is one of the things she’s primarily known for and it was stated to be one of the reasons she was used as a test subject for replacement by Skrulls during secret invasion, I figure it’s not too out of place to stretch the idea for the sake of the following script.)

(8 Panels)

Panel 1: ELEKTRA wakes up in some version of the underworld.

Panel 2: ELEKTRA stands up and sees DEATH standing nearby.

Panel 3: DEATH approaches ELEKTRA.

Panel 4: ELEKTRA holds up a hand in a ‘wait a minute’ motion.

Panel 5: ELEKTRA flashes a ‘FREQUENT DYERS CARD’, which should include some kind of text about getting resurrected 12 times and the 13th being free.

Panel 6: DEATH waves her hand and ELEKTRA begins to vanish.

Panel 7: ELEKTRA is back on EARTH, alive again, but it looks like the end of the world. ELEKTRA is confused.

Panel 8: Large panel as ELEKTRA looks up to see the state of pre-SECRET WARS EARTH with an incursion about to destroy the world. ELEKTRA shakes her hands in fists above her and is shouting something – probably profane – but the destructive force of the incursion is cutting off whatever it is she’s saying.


(And I’m not going to hedge a bet that I’m getting any other similarly appropriate characters to play this idea with in nearly as timely and appropriate manner.)


  1. I clearly am not following Marvel continuity closely enough to completely understand what's going on, but the basic premise is a cute one. I like the attempt to go without dialogue and make the panels really speak for themselves.

  2. Yeah, this is a funny little joke that also rifs on current stuff.

    My only, and main, problem with it is it's insanely goofy with Elektra and that's just not her character. I mean, if they did an Itty Bitty Elektra it'd work, or a STRANGE TALES, sure. But this is Deadpool or Howard the Duck tone laid over Elektra and while some characters can use a tonal overhaul, Elektra is not one of them.
    But maybe that's just me, ymmv.

    I also don't know how you fit it all in 7 panels for that 8th panel to hold anywhere near enough of what it needs.


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