Friday, May 29, 2015

Elektra - Mirror - R.A. Wonsowski


Setting: morning, a public park outside of Hong Kong, beginning of spring, apple blossoms in the trees.

Panels 1 thru 4 are similar, ELEKTRA (left) and an OLD WOMAN are in varied positions in a tai chi routine, perfectly synchronized in every stance. ELEKTRA is in her signature red head scarf, but in a loose tank top, running pants, and sneakers. The OLD WOMAN is in a loose-fitting matronly house dress. Each position should be fluid and graceful.

CAPTION, PANEL 1: The stranger has shadowed me for nearly three months. She asks questions as one would poke a sleeping husband.
CAPTION, PANEL 2: Over tea one morning, I ask if she considers herself a spiritual woman. She answers that she is Greek Catholic.
CAPTION, PANEL 3: I tell her that her answer is as meaningless as if she had told me she was a zookeeper.
CAPTION, PANEL 4: The religious are those who fear Hell.

Panel 5: ELEKTRA and the OLD WOMAN bow to each other.

CAPTION: The spiritual have already walked through it.

Panel 6: The OLD WOMAN (background) watches ELEKTRA (foreground) walk away, sadly proud.

CAPTION: When I see her again, in this life or the next, her spirit will have been well forged in fire.

1 comment:

  1. Sombre, man. I like the simplicity of panels 1-4. I kind of wish Panels 5-6 could have been mirrored in an even way to balance the eye of things. I probably would have looked t lay them out as wide bars instead of keeping the grid structure.

    But the words are there to save it all, man. Great emotion and a fitting build up piece to whatever comes next.


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