Monday, May 25, 2015

Elektra - One Last Hunt - Ryan K. Lindsay

5 Panels

Thin red bar panel across the top of the page, with two floating talking balloons in them. The balloons should have kinda straight edges, be rough, like what Wooton is doing in DEADLY CLASS.

Rand: I think I’m dying.
Elektra: No better time to live.

Elektra kisses Rand, it’s hot, bodies pressed. They are inside an office in Rand Corp’s tower, there’s a wall behind Rand, and littered in the room around them are dead Hand bodies/uniforms.
Rand is bleeding from his side, near the kidney, and the blood presses against Elektra’s side. There’s no doubt Elektra is the dominant person in this kiss, she holds his face/head in one hand, the other holding him to her from around the high waist.
Most importantly, their chests are pressed together, because this means she’s blocking the tattoo, or drawing from it.


He pauses, looking at her, his face and eyes clearly say ‘wow.’

Rand: That...tingled.

She pulls a sai out from her waistband. Rand is now leaning back against the wall that was behind him. He’s confused, and touching his slightly glowing chest tattoo, looking down, as he talks.

Rand: What just happened?
Elektra: You are dying.
Elektra: Goodbye, Danny Rand.

She launches out the window in a long profile shot with two glowing sais leaving a yellow trail against the dark sky. She has some of the Iron Fist power in her right now.

Elektra: If I fail, I’ll see you soon.

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  1. God, those first two lines are really something, aren't they? They set up the second panel and the whole page so well. A crisp, fast-paced little script you have here, Mr. Lindsay, that reaches out and grabs the reader from start to finish. Thanks for coming by to show once again how it's done.


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