Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Lois Lane - Friends Indeed - Grant McLaughlin

Lois Lane was the first character I wrote a Thought Balloons script for as a play-at-homer - a script I'm still quite fond of - so I wanted to take another crack at writing her this week.  I'll leave it to you to decide whether I made the right decision.

1 - Clark is preparing some food in the kitchen.  Let's say he's checking on the oven, with the counters filled with all kinds of finished or in progress foodstuffs.  Also important to note that Clark should be wearing a dorky apron of some variety - perhaps a [insert suggestion here].  Clark is checking the oven, but he looks towards the doorway with some concern as he calls out to Lois.

CLARK (1): Lois, could you whip up some of your Peachy Keen Margaritas for Bruce and Diana tonight?

CLARK (2): Lois?

2 - Move to the living room.  Lois is sitting on a couch, being sad - maybe with her feet up on the couch, holding her legs to her body.  Clark looks out through the kitchen doorway into the room.

CLARK: Is everything alright?


3 - Clark has joined Lois on the couch, his arm around her.  She rests her head on his shoulder, still a little upset.  He wears a look of concern, resting his head on hers in turn.

LOIS (1): I'm a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist.  I've covered some of the most important world events of our generation.  I'll go to any length to get a story.

LOIS (2): ...

LOIS (3): But for all that, I don't have any of my own friends.

4 - Clark sits up straighter and looks directly at Lois, surprised.  Lois, also sitting up and looking at Clark, is resistant to his words.

CLARK: What?  That's ridiculous.  You have plenty of friends!

LOIS: We're having Batman and Wonder Woman over for dinner.  Pretty sure they're not here to see mild mannered Lois Lane.

5 - Clark takes Lois' hands in his own and looks kindly and earnestly into her eyes.

CLARK (1): Lois.  Honey.

CLARK (2): They may have met me first.

6 - Flash forward to dinner that evening.  Lois, Bruce, and Diana laugh heartily at some joke that Lois obviously told them (all holding a peach coloured drink in their hands).  Clark is slightly apart, clearing the table after whichever course they've just finished, a small, satisfied smile on his face.

CAPTION (CLARK): But we both know they like you better.


  1. Ha, this is a great idea. because I like Lois more than Supes. But the way this page wraps around her, it's gorgeous. Lovely.

  2. What's so perfect about this page is how you capture Lois's character and personality and distill it in to one page. She's strong and powerful but is willing to let herself be venerable and honest with the man she loves. A tender and sweet moment captured with aplomb.


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