Monday, May 18, 2015

Loki - The Best Idea - Matt Duarte

Loki in "The Best Idea" by Matt Duarte

Layout: First four panels are equal in size, taking up about half a page in a 2 x 2 grid. The last one is the biggest one, horizontal across the bottom of the page.

Panel 1

Loki (Ikol, Agent of Asgard version) is running through Hel, with a visibly angered Hela chasing after him. Hordes of the dead follow as well, ready to ravage their Asgardian prey.

CAPTION (LOKI): My name is associated with many things. Lies, destruction, mischief. Even death.

CAPTION (LOKI): I am trying to be different. I am rewriting my own story.

Panel 2

Loki is jumping in through the wellspring that leads out of Hel. The water is dark and ominous, though not nearly as dark and ominous as Hela's face, closer than ever.

CAPTION (LOKI): A little raven told me that Hela was planning to release the souls of all the creatures whose death I inflicted. Or rather, that the Old Loki inflicted.

CAPTION (LOKI): Obviously, something had to be done. She isn't very happy about it.

Panel 3

Loki is is trying to crawl out of the water. The dead are grabbing at him, pulling him back to the spring and back to Hel.

CAPTION (LOKI): As much as I hate those old stories that she is trying to bring back...

CAPTION (LOKI): You have to admit that the best idea I ever had was in them.

Panel 4

A close up on Loki, a knowing smile on his face. The well is behind him, the hordes of dead cannot come out of it.

CAPTION (LOKI): And as any good storyteller knows, good ideas are worth using again and again...

LOKI (dialogue) : Oh good, you are finally here.

LOKI (dialogue): Hela is still intent on releasing those souls. Time to stop her.

Panel 5

Loki is standing in front of The Avengers. Cap, Thor, Iron Man, etc. He is pointing forward, shouting.

LOKI (thought balloon): This might be my only chance to say it...

LOKI (dialogue): Avengers... ASSEMBLE!

Next: With Loki as their leader, the Avengers go to Hel!


  1. Haha.

    I'm a sucker for stories about stories / storytelling, and you use the metaphor really well here in the opening four panels, only to tie it off with a solid ending. Kudos on the thought balloon there, Matt. And kudos on the page.

  2. Fun idea, played out really well over one page. This would be a fantastic page one cold open to a new story. Those first four panels pulls us straight into an exciting scene and then you hit us with that swerve in last panel. Would love more of this - and thats always what you want.

  3. I actually did not see that last panel coming. And you definitely have me wanting to see what's next. Well crafted all around, Matt. Killer page.


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